Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harlee admits they are a boy!

So today I had another run in with a Mr. Harlee Fallen alt. They IMed me again with another self confession that they are a boy in RL. Like who already doesn't know that? I guess they want to remind more people.

[2011/10/19 15:18]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): oh you  a cutie

(so I check the profile. Habbit I sort of developed)

[2011/10/19 15:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/10/19 15:19]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): why you lauthing silly hehehe
[2011/10/19 15:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i wonder
[2011/10/19 15:20]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): wonder what sweety

[2011/10/19 15:20]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i dont know
[2011/10/19 15:20]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): hehe cutie
[2011/10/19 15:20]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): yawns
[2011/10/19 15:20]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): well i have to dance outside the club couse i dont have a tag hehehee
[2011/10/19 15:21]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): hows you
[2011/10/19 15:22]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): How is Max?
[2011/10/19 15:22]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): huh
[2011/10/19 15:22]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): rong box lol
[2011/10/19 15:22]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): No right box. Funny your avatar dont look like your picture
[2011/10/19 15:23]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): huh
[2011/10/19 15:23]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): lol
[2011/10/19 15:23]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): got that picture from a SL page lol
[2011/10/19 15:23]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): yes is not me
[2011/10/19 15:23]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): oh then that makes so much sense.
[2011/10/19 15:24]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): i read what happen lol
[2011/10/19 15:24]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): but i like the picture and took it lol
[2011/10/19 15:24]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): idc lol
[2011/10/19 15:24]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): read what happened?
[2011/10/19 15:24]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): yes in SL page
[2011/10/19 15:24]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): that she was a he lol

(yes HE is admitting HE is a He not a girl)

[2011/10/19 15:25]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): you dont read much lol
[2011/10/19 15:25]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): who is she?
[2011/10/19 15:25]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): idk she was a he that fell for this guy in here lol you should read it lol
[2011/10/19 15:26]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I should where can i find it
[2011/10/19 15:27]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): umm my friend send me the link
[2011/10/19 15:27]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Oh so you just started sl and now all of a sudden you know all this lol
[2011/10/19 15:27]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): yes i have friends silly
[2011/10/19 15:28]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): you dont have friends lol
[2011/10/19 15:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Nope I was hoping you can be my friend
[2011/10/19 15:28]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): awwwwwww
[2011/10/19 15:28]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): :)
[2011/10/19 15:28]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): well we can but i cant go in there yet lol
[2011/10/19 15:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): awwwwwwwwwww
[2011/10/19 15:29]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): we can dance out here if you like too :)
[2011/10/19 15:29]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): got my avi for free lol
[2011/10/19 15:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): great
[2011/10/19 15:30]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): yes you want a copy maybe you can give it to a friend
[2011/10/19 15:30]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): nah give it to the girl you stole the picture from
[2011/10/19 15:30]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): :(
[2011/10/19 15:31]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): ok ill take it out
[2011/10/19 15:31]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): dont want no problems
[2011/10/19 15:31]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Im sure you dont thats why you IMed me, huh
[2011/10/19 15:31]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): no i talk to alot of ppl
[2011/10/19 15:32]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): why you so mean
[2011/10/19 15:34]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): you ever herd of foxxi
[2011/10/19 15:34]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so who are some of your friends maybe they can be my friends too cause i need some
[2011/10/19 15:35]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): i  got lots
[2011/10/19 15:35]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so many you didnt name 1 of them lol
[2011/10/19 15:36]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): told you foxxi
[2011/10/19 15:37]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so thats lots 1 person?
[2011/10/19 15:37]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): BTW I think your current avatar looks much better than that ugly shemale in the picture on your profile he is ugly
[2011/10/19 15:38]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): ok
[2011/10/19 15:38]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): well she iis my best friend that help me with my avi
[2011/10/19 15:38]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): lol
[2011/10/19 15:38]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): who is your best friend?
[2011/10/19 15:39]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): foxxi she in my picks
[2011/10/19 15:39]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): wish i had money to go in there if my friend was on she will pay mt way
[2011/10/19 15:40]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ask your mom for your allowance.
[2011/10/19 15:40]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): best friend
[2011/10/19 15:40]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): im not asking no one
[2011/10/19 15:41]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): why not there are some black guys in here who would love to put their black balls in your mouth
[2011/10/19 15:42]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): know that way to much you are being dirty
[2011/10/19 15:42]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): im not no whore like you
[2011/10/19 15:42]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): an d fuck you you been muted
[2011/10/19 15:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): awwwwwwwwwwwwww
[2011/10/19 15:44]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): sad lol. so desperate.
[2011/10/19 15:46]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): lol whore
[2011/10/19 15:46]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): [15:41]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): why not there are some black guys in here who would love to put their black balls in your mouth
 [15:41]  Geshia Resident: know that way to much you are being dirty
 [15:42]  Geshia Resident: im not no whore like you
 [15:42]  Geshia Resident: an d fuck you you been muted
[2011/10/19 15:46]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): shut you out
[2011/10/19 15:46]  ღ Ⓖ ία™ (geshia): hahahahahaaaa

1) You can easily tell this is them. This fruitcake loves to use the word "sweety" Just see for yourself...

[2011/09/11 10:03]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i can do tons sweety

[2011/09/11 10:20]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): sweety
[2011/09/11 10:20]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): like i said

[2011/09/13 14:00]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): no sweety
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol

[2011/10/13 17:46]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I have some bad news for you. Harue
[2011/10/13 17:46]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): LOL sweety all these names your coming out with

[2011/10/14 11:54]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): look sweety like i said

2011/10/16 09:01]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): sweety i tell every man

2. Then there is there hehehe... which anyone who has ever talked to this fruitcake knows they use it a lot.

Their former fat sidekick Aurora said the other day....
[2011/10/14 11:34]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): she told me everytime you were at annoconda, she personally went there to attack you in public

Well this fruitcake using this Alt tried to do just that. When I told them there were black males who wanted to put their big black balls in their mouth.. they copied and pasted that and put it in local chat trying to get me banned LOL.

A seriously pathetic attempt... if this is the best you have left.. you might as well give up. What happened to your Pink goon squad.

You see the other day Mr. Harlee Fallen threathened to find my RL facebook and do to me what HE did to Deelite.. I told them good luck. An if you don't have that by now.. you are shit out of luck, cause I have someone SO MUCH BETTER! LOL.

I just want to close by saying I have NOTHING against gay people in general.. just THIS person.

So sad... Keep flapping your gums, fruitcake. You are about to get something that's going to make you cry.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Harlee - The Baddest "Faggot" around town

The following was passed to me its part of a conversation between Mr. Harlee Fallen and another party. I didnt not alter it in any way.. just removed the name of the other party.

[23:26] XXXX: you're a dude playing a girl
[23:26] XXXX: ive known for ages
[23:26] XXXX: but now its out in the open even
[23:26] XXXX: No woman acts like you act...sorry to break you the news
[23:26] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i've been playing LS since 06
[23:26] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): SL*
[23:27] XXXX: Well
[23:27] XXXX: if thats the case
[23:27] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): bum bitches like you
[23:27] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): and your opinion
[23:27] XXXX: you oughta know women dont act like you do
[23:27] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): doesnt mean anything
[23:27] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): boys still want me
[23:27] XXXX: and write profiles like you do
[23:27] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): girls still wanna be me

Sounds like a self confession

[23:54] XXXX: pretending to be a girl
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): LOL why
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): if i was a boy
[23:54] XXXX: and pouring my heart out
[23:54] XXXX: to a dude
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i'd be the baddest 'faggot'
[23:54] XXXX: and seeing it pasted on a blog
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): around town

Kind of funny cus the other day when this psycho IMed me they told me they were the baddest around town.. now I know what they were hinting at. Another self confession LOL.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Harlee's whining continues..

So I guess according to Mr. Halee Fallen "I been exposed". They found some big secret about me and broke some ground breaking news...

Wait.. ugh, I wasn't ground breaking news... Cause if you go here you will see for yourself I have already blogged about this. back on March 10. LOL. Congrats on doing your homework and looking like a fool again.

Basically Mr. Harlee Fallen, who admitted to being a man in real life several times, claims I have a male alt by the name of Brady Neiro. Well, the avatar is not mine.... as I explained on my own blog back in March. I started second life with a friend after we both saw "Hot tub time machine". I talked him into trying it with me. He made an avatar fucked a few girls and got bored of it.

Funny thing is.. I told Mr. Harlee Fallen the other day personally when she brought up Aurora and how she liked WOW. I said I tried it when i first got my laptop it came with it but didnt like it and only played a few minutes..  to me that was boring.

Once my friend fucked a few girls he thought second life was boring.. so he moved on. 

Later I got into making SL Videos and asked him if I could use the avatar in the videos. He agreed to give me access to the avatar. The avatar basically has two outfits. Swim trunks. 1 skin, 1 shape and 1 pair of shoes. I never bought anything for the avatar nor do I log in and talk to people or try to fuck women with it. I was just using it to make videos basically like a movie prop.

Which BTW - I used the avatar in four videos. Get your facts straight.

They claim it because I couldn't get anyone who wanted to be in my videos. Hardly, the truth.. I just didnt have a lot of time and did care for juggling people schedules. I also wasn't exactly crazy about the community.. which you can also find on my blog.

So the other day I was actually blogging about Mr. Fallen standing outside of Anaconda and I heard someone take a picture. So I noticed this bitch was Tping stalking me again. So I TPed out and logged in under this account and took their picture. Then the bitch started crying and whining in my message box.

As for a T-Girl video.. yea I did have Ivori Faith in a few of my videos.. what's your point? Sounds like jealous from a closet T-Girl to someone who doesn't hide it.

So once again... Mr. Harlee Fallen blew up my IM box with their whining and crying. Question is.. if I'm a non factor like their claim.. why do they keep IMing me OVER and OVER. It's simple cause I'm famous!! They want to be famous and would do anything to be famous.. but they are just a ugly crab face who hides in the closet. So talking to me... who is famous... is the next best thing.

They claim I removed all my videos to hide them so Harlee can't see me having sex with a shemale. LOL. I moved my video from naughty Machinima long before you strolled your ugly crab face on the beach with a purse. Since you love to visit my blog so much and read it.. maybe you should look. 

Then they admitted they were a man in RL again and a gay one at that.
[2011/10/16 08:41]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I guess you would know Mr. "I want your block balls in my mouth"
[2011/10/16 08:42]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): its how i can afford to live in a 8k a month land
[2011/10/16 08:42]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): everyone loves me for that


Now for this gem

[2011/10/16 08:44]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): LOL. funny. I know for a fact my avatar has more money put into it then your UGLY ass
[2011/10/16 08:44]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): crabface
[2011/10/16 08:44]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): LOL
[2011/10/16 08:44]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): once again
[2011/10/16 08:44]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): lying to yourself
[2011/10/16 08:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): nobody would believe for a second
[2011/10/16 08:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): that u put ANY money
[2011/10/16 08:45]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): OK thats like you have like 4 outfits
[2011/10/16 08:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): into your ugly
[2011/10/16 08:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): avatar
[2011/10/16 08:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): actually this avatar had an inventory of 40k
[2011/10/16 08:45]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): wore the same Luck jeans and shorts everyday for two weeks straight
[2011/10/16 08:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): and my other name has 75k
[2011/10/16 08:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): items

You inventory is worth 40,000 lindens LOL. That's it. ROFLMAO. 75k.. LOL. Too funny. I have 8 houses in my inventory, bitch. 3 clubs, a diner, 2 schoolrooms, 2 warehouses, urban tower, 2 sex docks, 3 sex beds, 2 lap dance chairs, 2 sex couches, 2 dance poles.. I don't even have to start talking about clothing.. cause I have you beat on just random junk alone.. Hell I have both your ugly ass accounts beat.

Then they claimed they were from the USA. LOL- their reason cause of the way they talk ROFLMAO. Yea, cause you learned how to talk from watching the movie "Clueless" You talk like a 12 year old girl.. I know people on second like from the UK just like you. They don't really talk any different then Americans.. a few things here and there.. but it's pretty much the same.

So here is what I want you to do, ok? Turn off the computer. Open the closet door and step out of the closet. Head outside and go look for a black man (maybe at a gay club) Make sure he is of age.. tell him your want him to put his big black cock on your girl and his big black balls in your mouth. Tell, him you will remove your emo eyeliner and will dress up as a blonde bimbo named Harlee. Ask him if you can call him Max.

I think you will enjoy that. Just don't get too attached to him and stalk him.

 So Mr. Harlee Fallen posted this picture of "me" on their blog. Obviously this picture was taken by Ms. Piggy aka Aurora Bentham who "was neutral" but took the picture. Wow, what's what a mama alpha hud the picture taker was using. lol.

Um, my eyes are not that large on my avatar. What's the white shit under the eyes, whats with the spots on the hat. lol. Nice altered pictured.

same oufit basically.. nothing altered on my avatar... strange how my eyes are not bugged out with white shit under them.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another hidden treasure found!

I came across this picture on flickr a few months ago. It's Harlee Fallen and their BFF standing in the crack den. A few weeks ago I went back to check it again...

Picture has some people making comment to how shallow their profiles sound... Someone by the name of Jessicaa Ohmai comes to Harlee Fallen and her BFF defense. Their comments have been removed so you can't see them, but you can still read the comments of the others.

One of the females commenting on Jessicaas response, comments about how they talk. "going by the way you're speaking on here I'm going to assume you're at least 14. "Like wtefffffs" no one talks like that unless they themselves are immature" Well, nobody talks that way unless you are a alt of Harlee Fallen. He thinks its cool or something.

Look at Jessicaa Ohmai's profile

wow what a suprise they call people hood rats, EMOs, have the same I'm better than you and I'm blonde crap in their profile. Still claiming to be a young girl from the USA. LOL. Oh yea they like Harry Potter..

Check out their flckr

They are calling people Basic Bitches LOL. Best part about their flickr... them complaining that Flickr somehow screwed up the quality of they below average pictures. Yes, thousands of people use flickr and nobody has problem with it making their photos lower quality but you! LOL.

I mean who has the time to play out several different avatars at the same time? Someone with no real life. They have several different flickrs...

Pretending to be a blonde female from the USA. LOL. So sad..

Monday, October 10, 2011

On with the show!

So here is the latest chapter in the saga of Mr. Harlee Fallen.

I was at a sim a few days ago... really just standing there observing the odd ball avatars... who TPs in? Harlee Fallen. Shortly after, I get a IM from someone... so I start talking to this guy. He is sort of hinting towards something and I soon find out it's the owner of the sim. It appears Mr. Harlee Fallen, the queen that he is... complained about me, forwarding my blog to this person and trying to paint a picture that they were a innocent little angel and have never done anything wrong, while they were being singled out for no reason and stalked, harrassed, copy botted.. you name it.

First off, I have Mr. Harlee Fallen on ignore. So I can't see them or see anything they say in world. If I was harassing them. Wouldn't it be more effective if I didn't have them on ignore?

The three times I have come across Mr. Harlee Fallen, I was already at the sim first. Isn't the point of stalking is tracking or following your victim?

So it seems Mr. Harlee Fallen wants to go out and show owners of sims my blog in attempt to get me banned. I guess I will just start randomly giving people a link to this blog if they want to start passing out links to blogs .

Which is kind of funny, cause I talked to a girl who did just that.. sent a link to this blog to someone. Mr. Harlee Fallen flipped out.

Tracked here down at another sim.. (LOL talk about stalking) verbally insulted her over and over and threatened to post her picture on their blog. LOL - talk about being a hypocrite.

So back to my conversation with this sim owner.. I asked him if he ever saw Mr. Harlee Fallen blog or flickr Of course Mr. Fallen failed to mentioned the same thing they were complaining about they were doing themselves. So he asked for it and I passed it on.

He then mentioned Mr. Harlee Fallen was on their last chance... and they had problem with HIM before.

wow - what a suprise!

Harlee Olivieri This young fellow looks just like the love child of Prince and Duckie to my old-woman eyes, so I had to photo him for this series. He's one of Vo Pralou's pals, and much like Vo he's got a slender Asian build. I asked him about this, and it turns out that he actually is Asian -- by way of Scottland. Isn't SL cool? I'd never met an Asian Scott before. I like how over-the-top his avatar looks, a true reflection of a mischievous mind. It's a busy Saturday and I'm about to spend ... 
So this confirms once again Harlee Olivieri alt was a MALE avatar at one time. It's funny that they are Asian or part Asian. Yet if you go to their blog they are making ethic racial comments about Asian people. LOL. 

I'm not Doctor Phil, but it seems this person HATES their real life self. They hate Asians, but are one them self. They hate EMOs but reports are they are one themselves. 

Then there is this comment 

Virtual Worlds (Fashion World of SL) Harlee Olivieri This teen man looks meet same

 LOL!!!!!! I guess this explains why they like a penis on their grill.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want to play a game.

Hello Harlee,

You have been going around second life - sim to sim calling people EMO. What is your obsession with EMOs? Maybe this...

Because you are a EMO yourself... a flawless EMO. LOL. Tsk.. Tsk.. a "friend" of yours was generous in supplying this... those are some nice friends you have.

Of course you will claim Photoshop was used to alter these photos.. just like everyone is lying to make stuff up about you. An you and ONLY you have the truth. I think you need a new excuse.... 

Do you still want to play this game?